Don't suffer with Excel when doing financial modelling

ClearFinance tool is easy and intuitive, perfect for pre-revenue startups who want to quickly validate their business strategy.

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If it doesn't work on paper, it certainly won't work in real life.


Give structure to your finances and your business

Financial analysis

Analyse your data and make better decisions

Unit economics

Forecast all your unit economics metrics with precision

Team sharing

Share your financial plan and set a clear direction with your team

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Detailed financial forecasting
What-if scenarios
CAC and unit economics planning

Frequently asked questions

Why the tool is free?

The tool is free because we don't need to monetise it as we make money by our services.

Is my data being sold to finance the tool?

No, the freemium model of the tool is funded by our consulting and education services. You are the owner of your data.

How would I know how to use the tool?

Within the tool there is an Academy section where you can find a tutorial for each of the sections of the tool (your business).